Big Data, Where to Start?

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Big Data, Where to Start?

Big Data, Where to Start?

Barcelona, June 20-21, 2018


The Opportunities of Big Data

  • Understand how ‘big data’ can help businesses to develop winning digital strategies.
  • Discover the potential of aggregated customer data in analyzing market opportunities and measuring business performance.

Strategic Data Driven Marketing

  • Learn how to grow your business through leveraging the data generated by your interactions with customers, including data from social media, mobile data, and other digital data.
  • Examine how firms and even third-parties can gain insights on customers using the huge amount of data available.

Other program highlights

  • Monetizing Big Data: get an overview of the different data products, data assets, and multisided business models
  • Get inspired with groundbreaking case studies on the use of data including how airlines make use of Twitter.
  • Understand the basics of developing and leading a team of data analysts.
  • Discover the wider trends in big data, the ‘internet of things’, automation, and artificial intelligence.


During this two-day program, participants will be exposed to diverse insights on how firms can turn data into profits. Highly dynamic and interactive, the program utilizes a variety of teaching methods including case studies, lectures, and group discussions steered by global experts.


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