Creative Problem Solving: Implementing Design Thinking

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Creative Problem Solving:
Implementing Design Thinking

Barcelona, June 6-8, 2017


Creative Problem Solving is delivered over three days, in five building blocks:

  • Problem definition. Setting strategic priorities and exploring the problems.

  • Inspiration. Developing a deep customer understanding, identifying latent needs and problem framing.

  • Ideation. Idea generation and selection

  • Concept implementation. Concept development, experimentation and prototyping.

  • Design thinking process implementation. Design brief and launching the design thinking process.


The program is based on an action-learning methodology with exercises and small projects. It will encourage you to reflect deeply as you explore and apply methods and approaches of creative problem solving and design thinking.

  • Exercises and practices at team and individual level.
  • Business simulation (design thinker).
  • Role play.
  • Best practices showcase.


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