Getting Things Done

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Getting Things Done

Barcelona, May 15-18, 2018


Day 1

  • Taking Charge
  • Leading Strategy Execution
  • Personal Characteristics that Buid Influence
  • Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't

Day 2

  • Mastering Organizational Dynamics
  • Acting and Speaking with Power
  • Influence Tactics at Work: Change Pro-Simulation

Day 3

  • Strategy Execution Tools
  • The Informal Organization
  • Visualizing your Social Network

Day 4

  • Overcoming Resistance and Obstacles
  • Executing Strategy in a Global Environment
  • Wrap-Up and Conclusion


Highly dynamic and interactive, Getting Things Done offers senior executives the chance to learn through a variety of methods, including case studies, lectures, group discussions and a computer simulation designed to hone participants' skills as change agents.


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