Doing Business Globally: Leading in a Matrix Organization

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Doing Business Globally:
Leading in a Matrix Organization

New York, February 6-9, 2018


Scoping the Challenge

The Doing Business Globally: Leadership in a Matrix program begins with an exploration of the challenges associated with doing business across the globe to collectively gain a greater understanding of economic, cultural and strategic issues and trends. There is no one global strategy for business; there are regional and local solutions. Connected with this broader context is also an exploration of the particular leadership challenges associated with managing in a matrix environment.

Cross-Cultural Management

Using cultural analysis, leaders can better understand the local and functional pressure many managers are under and the different ways people from different cultures deal with ambiguity and potential conflict. 

Global Strategy

Operating on a global scale means formulating and carrying out strategies that not only recognize similarities across markets, but also take their differences into account and even take advantage of them. Understanding this complexity is an integral part of learning to manage the matrix. 

Mission-Critical Leadership

It is fundamental to learn the skills to lead people who may or may not report directly to you and to achieve high levels of collaboration while minimizing situations of ambiguity that can lead to potentially conflicting priorities.


Doing Business Globally is an intensive program that will analyze the global landscape from an economic, strategic and cultural point of view to help you understand how to build cross-border collaboration to break down silos and ensure alignment of goals. Participants will attend from across the globe and you will be exposed to diverse perspectives to help increase your global cultural competency and make you more effective in the global marketplace. Highly dynamic and interactive, the program utilizes a variety of learning methods, including best practice case studies, group discussions and global leadership experts.


Stefania Randazzo
Program Director