Digital Mindset: How to innovate and lead your business for the future

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Digital Mindset: How to innovate
and lead your business for the future

Munich, October 18-21 , 2016


The digital revolution is breaking down barriers to entry, turning established models on their heads, and offering new ways to engage with customers and employees.

To identify and respond to tomorrow’s digital threats and opportunities, it’s crucial for you and your organization to embrace a truly digital mindset. This intensive three-and-a-half-day workshop will help you do just that.

Reflecting on the implications of digital density and state-of-the-art examples of digital transformation will enable you to rethink your value proposition for the digital world.

You’ll gain insight and techniques to develop an innovation strategy that ensures short- and long-term success in a world where everyone and everything is connected.


  • You will be able to see beyond the hype and understand the main strategic implications of digital trends such as social, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things.
  • You will challenge the key assumptions behind your current business model and identify the kind of changes digitalization will probably trigger in your industry and other industries and when it will happen.
  • In the process, you will articulate your digital innovation strategy.
  • You will develop an action plan to drive.

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