Value Creation through Effective Boards

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Value Creation Through
Effective Boards

Barcelona, 21-24 May, 2018


Value Creation through Effective Boards will focus on improving boardroom effectiveness through discussion of the role of the board, the importance of business strategy, the impact of the regulatory environment, crisis management, and how you can enhance your performance and the value of your contributions as a board member.

Each of these critical topics will be examined through focused lectures and in-depth case studies. You and a group of distinguished peers will examine how effective boards build positive relationships and efficient processes. You will examine the most relevant strategic and organizational issues facing boards of directors today. Examples taken from companies in diverse industries will drive home the need for transparency, trust, and close cooperation between board members and the management team.

Curriculum topics include:

  • Designing boards for a complex world 
  • Roles and responsibility of board members 
  • Boards’ engagement with strategy 
  • Boards’ role in risk management and transparency 
  • Boards’ role in CEO appointment and successful planning 
  • Effective board meetings and informed decision making 
  • Monitoring and measuring board performance 
  • Corporate governance in different regions 
  • Crisis management, functioning under pressure 
  • Entrepreneurial boards 
  • Intrapreneurial boards 
  • Women on boards


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Executive Education