Accounting and Control


Areas of Expertise

Faculty interests and specializations include:

Accounting based business analysis and valuation: Marc Badia
Capital markets research: Fernando Peñalva
Corporate governance: Gaizka Ormazabal, Fernando Peñalva
Earnings management: Fernando Peñalva
Economics of accounting: Markus Maedler
Empirical financial accounting: Fernando Peñalva
Enterprise risk management: Markus Maedler
Entrepreneurship: Antonio Dávila
Executive compensation: Gaizka Ormazabal, Fernando Peñalva
Fair value accounting: Marc Badia
Innovation: Antonio Dávila
International financial accounting (IFRS): Marc Badia
Management accounting: Antonio Dávila, Markus Maedler
Management control systems: Antonio Dávila, Markus Maedler
Performance measurement: Markus Maedler
Sports management: Antonio Dávila