Competitiveness School:
for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities

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Competitiveness School: for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities

Competitiveness School:
for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities

Barcelona, January 24-February 2, 2017


The Competitiveness School: for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities is designed to enable senior economic policymakers and development professionals to study and discuss global best practices in competitiveness and economic development using examples from all over the world, including Denmark, Austria, Brazil, Tanzania and cities such as New York, Singapore or Vancouver.

This two-week Competitiveness School is jointly organized by IESE Business School and the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence and is taught by the faculty of both institutions.

This Competitiveness School is designed to be an enriching experience in which diverse individuals from different countries and different areas of competitiveness-related fields have the opportunity to come together and learn from the faculty members and each other and discuss about the best practices to implement in their organizations.

The program is broken down into two modules. Participants may apply to attend one or both of modules:

  • Policy for Competitiveness Module

    Participants will benefit from a deep understanding on how policies at regional, cluster and city levels can help in securing economic and social development. 

  • Management for Competitiveness Module

    This module provides a set of strategic methodologies and frameworks that can be used in competitiveness development, offering a hands-on approach and a toolkit for managers at all levels to tackle competitiveness challenges in a more effective way.

Dates and Location

January 24-February 2, 2017

IESE Business School
Av. Pearson, 21
08034 Barcelona

How to get to IESE

Application Deadline

December 15, 2016


Eva Bufí