Competitiveness School:
for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities

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Competitiveness School: for Leading Regions, Clusters and Cities


Module 1

Policy for Competitiveness 
January 24-27, 2017

Module 2

Management for Competitiveness
January 30-February 2, 2017
Policy best practices in competitiveness and economic development for senior economic policymakers and development professionals  Strategic methodologies and frameworks to be used in competitiveness development, for managers at all levels 

During this week, we discuss and understand how policies at regional, cluster and city levels can help in securing economic and social development.

Policy for Competitiveness
I. Regional Competitiveness: This unit lays the theoretical foundations of competitiveness and helps understand the importance of locations and clusters and the policies to upgrade them
a. Intro: The California wine industry
b. Framework: The Basque Country strategy for economic development 
c. Cluster initiative selection: Regional development in Yorkshire (A)
II. Cluster Competitiveness: this unit provides a deep understanding of clusters and cluster initiatives and their application in economic development and competitiveness policies.
a. Cluster concepts: Remaking Singapore
b. Cluster identification: Regional development in Yorkshire (B)
c. Horizontal policies: Regional development in Yorkshire (C)
III. City competitiveness: this unit applies the theoretical foundations of competitiveness at the city level and emphasizes the role of strategic thinking within the confines of cities. It also explores, and the interaction between cities and local and regional in shaping competitiveness.
a. Intro/concepts: Lecture
b. Competitiveness: NYC
c. Strategic Planning: Vancouver: the challenge of becoming the greenest city
IV. Competitiveness in Action: In this unit, we explore concrete examples about how local level initiatives can help in enhancing competitiveness at different levels.
a. Change management: The Catalan leather industry
b. Cluster in cities: Envision Charlotte: building an energy cluster
c. Smart Cities: Barcelona
d. Guided visit to 22@ district  

Dates and Location

January 24-February 2, 2017

IESE Business School
Av. Pearson, 21
08034 Barcelona

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Application Deadline

December 15, 2016


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