CSBM - Center for Sport Business Management

CSBM - Center for Sport Business Management


The aim of the Center is to research, from an international perspective, the new trends and challenges confronting professionals working in the management of sports companies and organizations. The research focuses on four main areas: strategic management; marketing and sponsorship; structure, organization and leadership; and professional career of sportsmen.

Research Areas

A. Strategic management in sport organizations

  1. Value creation in sport organizations 
  2. Sport and corporate social responsibility 
  3. Business models of sport organizations 
  4. Transfer policy

B. Sports marketing and sponsorship

  1. Assesment of sport sponsorship 
  2. Fan segmentation 
  3. Major sporting events and city marketing 
  4. Brand creation in sports 
  5. Social identification theory in football 

C. Structure, organization and leadership of sport entities

  1. Structure and organization of sport entities 
  2. Management style in sport organizations 
  3. Players representation 

D. Professional career of sportsmen


Center for Sport Business Management
IESE Madrid