IRCO - International Research Center on Organizations



IRCO's principal activity is research focusing on business. Hence the Center carries out Basic Research Projects on strategic management of Human Resources in Organizations.

New Forms of Organization
New Organizational Forms and the requirements of new management models: networks, telework, temporary employment, outsourcing, home employment.

International HR
Study on Multinationals and HR Management; Globalization and the Local Environment; Expatriates.

Top Executive Skills
Center for Excellence in Executive Skills -CECAD- Management by Skills; development policies on the organization and individual levels.

E-people Management
The management of Human Resources in new businesses on internet: values and missions; management styles; management systems.

Public Sector - Tertiary Sector
The new Private Company - Public Administration - Tertiary Sector relation. Interdependence, conflict and collaboration. The concept of Social-Business Balance in companies.

Leadership and Motivation 
How to direct people; motivation and leadership in new organizational forms. Ethic values and business deontology for the new millennium; The moral problems of new forms of organization: the social responsibilities of companies, employability, work-family relations.