Case Method

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Learning Methods

At IESE we teach using the case study method, which we believe provides a unique opportunity to view business issues from many angles. After individual preparation, you will work in teams to analyze, discuss and propose solutions to hundreds of different business problems drawn from real-life scenarios and which creates a forum in which you can express and discover new perspectives and broaden your understanding of key issues.

As you sharpen your skills you will soon be able to put your newly acquired knowledge to work. You will also benefit from the practical input from fellow participants who come from a range of industries.

Above all, this intense and challenging method means that you will learn to make business decisions and take action by choosing and defending one course of action among a multitude of equally plausible solutions. 

  • Global. The cases you study are taken from real business scenarios from around the world and a range of industries.
  • Strategic. The decisions you make are based on in-depth analysis. 
  • Extensive. You are exposed to business at all levels, from multinational to small family-owned business

Licinia Melilla
Marketing and Admissions Manager

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