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Global Executive MBA

    Why pursue a Global Executive MBA?

    Have you reached a turning point in your career? A point where, to succeed and to help your company grow in an increasingly complex and uncertain world you need to strengthen your knowledge of new markets and broaden your skills as a leader. At this stage in your career, you want to find a program that recognizes and addresses your specific needs and goals. How will you do that? The IESE Global Executive MBA can provide the answers.

Business skills and knowledge: advancement potential

Strengthening your management skills and knowledge is an important first step. Growing your leadership capability — making better decisions and inspiring others to do the same — is also key. IESE’s Global Executive MBA case-based general management curriculum provides you practical tools that will help you perfect these skills. Each time you apply your new talents to organizational needs, the return on your educational investment grows — as does your advancement potential.

Global context: a transformative impact

Preparing executives to think and act as global leaders requires a curriculum devised in a context of evolving international challenges and core humanistic values. Our goal is to change the way you think about organizations — and the people in them — and how to manage the inter-relationships of a global society. The resulting insight and empowerment you experience can be transformative.

Reflection: personal growth

Reflection, leading to personal growth and new career insights, is an important element of IESE’s Global EMBA program. The self-management component, for example, “makes you think about yourself and where you’re going — your career, your family, and what’s important,” notes one alumnus.

Personalized focus: you are central

Behind every teaching strategy —case study, team project, faculty lecture, class discussion or company visit — is our resolve to tailor your professional development to your personal needs and goals. Everything you take away from IESE’s Global Executive MBA program will bear your own individual stamp.

Licinia Melilla
Marketing and Admissions Manager

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