“It’s more than just doing business. It’s about impacting people around you.”

Kristoff Puelinckx, MBA '96, co-founder Delta Partners Group

IESE Footprinters: Kristoff Puelinckx, MBA'96

"There are moments throughout the year where you feel that you can really make a difference". Kristoff Puelinckx, Group MD and co-founder of Delta Partners, thinks that, just like professional athletes or sports players, top business leaders? are defined by their performance on critical moments, such as a sales presentation to a potential client or investor. Get inspired! Subscribe to IESE's YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/IESEyoutube http://www.iese.edu/

Anu Aga: "Business thrives when society does."

Former Thermax CEO addresses the IESE MBA 50th anniversary celebration in New Delhi

Meaningful Leadership to Mobilize People. Anu Aga: Former Executive Chairperson at Thermax

Get inspired! Subscribe to IESE's YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/IESEyoutube http://www.iese.edu/ "Any leader has to have passion, because without passion you can't mobilize people" said Anu Aga, former Executive Chairperson of Thermax, at the IESE MBA 50th anniversary event in New Delhi. Aga pointed out the importance of creating business models that inspire the people working in them.



Daniel Franklin (The Economist) | IESE Business School

2017: A Few Certainties in an Unpredictable World

In a year of global uncertainty, The Economist's Daniel Franklin looks at what lies ahead


 Executive Education | Munich campus | IESE Business School

Helping Young People Help Themselves

IESE alumni and friends gather in Munich to support non-profits working with youth



Family Business Conference 2017

Conference Barcelona - 8:30 AM

Open Day MBA

Looking for a World-class Career?

Open Day New York - 9:30 AM

Design Your Life: Using Design Thinking to Improve Executive Health and Performance

Dr. Steven P. MacGregor, founder and CEO of The Leadership Academy of Barcelona (The LAB)

Alumni Paris - 6:30 PM

How Winners Make Choices

Prof. Stefan Stremersch

Alumni Munich - 6:30 PM

Open Day Advanced Management Program

Set Direction, Drive Growth

Open Day Barcelona - 11:45 AM