A PhD at IESE prepares you for a career at the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. On the map above you can see just some of the locations where recent graduates from IESE have secured employment.

We asked some of our graduates to describe how their PhD from IESE opened doors for them:

"IESE is a globally renowned School. Established scholars know IESE and the faculty members' contributions to research. For PhD Students that attend conferences and try to create a professional network, displaying the "IESE tag" is a great plus. It frequently happened to me to be stopped at conferences because of the IESE tag hanging from my jacket. The IESE brand also solicits high expectations: Scholars from other institutions expect you to be a high level researcher...and this is a powerful motivation to always do your best. I feel truly lucky I could study at IESE!"

Federica Massa Saluzzo IESE PhD 2015
University of Bologna

“The Ph.D. at IESE gives you access to exemplary academics, a growing research culture, inspiring seminars and numerous connections to an international network of scholars and universities, all of which allow you to tailor the Ph.D. to your research interests, capabilities and expectations. I strongly recommend it for highly motivated potential students”

Anna Bayona, IESE PhD 2014
ESADE Business School Barcelona

“IESE PhD was a definitely life changing experience for me. Commitment to excellence in research and strength in both theory and methods in IESE have been solid building blocks of my academic career. I also have to mention the great network of impactful scholars you have the chance to get closely acquainted with at IESE. All these make it extremely attractive to join the PhD program.”

Bilgehan Uzunca, IESE PhD 2014
Utrecht University School of Economics

"Pursuing my PhD at IESE Business School gave me a holistic view on management and business. The multidisciplinary course work provided an excellent foundation before diving into the depth of my field of research, i.e., marketing. Moreover, having the possibility of closely collaborating with top scholars from my area and receiving the necessary support from IESE to broaden my knowledge inside and outside of IESE was a major asset for kick-starting my career in academia. Last but not least, Barcelona as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is a great place for studying."

Florian Deutzmann, IESE PhD 2014
Erasmus University Rotterdam

"The PhD program of IESE equipped me with the tools I needed to pursue a research career. The program gave me the flexibility and the support required to develop my personal research interests. It's strong research focus allowed me to get the competences I needed to do it in a rigorous way. Being part of the school gave me access to work with prestigious researchers in my field, who inspired and nurtured my research projects. Additionally, the program firmly encourages research that contributes both to managerial practice and the research world. Achieving this balance is critical for academicians who want to have an impact in society. Finding all these factors in one place is what makes the PhD program at IESE so special."

Ivan Guitart, PhD 2014
Grenoble School of Management, France

“During the four years that I have spent in IESE’s PhD in Management program, I had chance to work closely with IESE faculty members who had full-time availability for the PhD students, use library resources enriched by trial databases, and have funding for living and research expenses. Any non-academic concern that I had was quickly resolved by the program coordinators. Overall, being surrounded by so many resources helped me progress rapidly on my research, and focus only and only on my academic career. Success in doctoral studies isn’t just about working hard, but it is also about being at the right place. I owe half of my success to working hard, and half of it to IESE’s academic culture and friendly environment.”

Burçin Güçlü, PhD 2014
International University of Catalonia UIC

“Looking backward, IESE’s PhD program gave me the invaluable opportunity to train my skills as a researcher under the mentorship of world-class scholars in a truly international and stimulating environment. It was a very challenging, yet rewarding experience that forged my research competences and prepared me for a career in academia.”

Niccolò Pisani, PhD 2008
University of Amsterdam

"The IESE PhD experience was a perfect fit for me and had everything I looked for: world class faculty, competitive resources and funding, and an empowering culture that allowed me to pursue my research ambitions while closely supervised and constantly encouraged by my committee. I couldn’t have been more pleased." 

Dror Etzion, PhD 2008
Professor Strategy McGill University, Montreal, Canada

"IESE’s PhD program provides its students with a broad base of theoretical perspectives. Not only are we given the opportunity to acquire an understanding of economics, but other core disciplines like psychology and sociology are also intensely studied. This broad perspective allowed me to be innovative in my own area, accounting."

Jasmijn Bol, PhD 2007
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

"My experience as a PhD student at IESE was very fruitful. It enabled me to enrich my past experience as an executive and undergraduate lecturer by transforming me into a well-rounded scholar who has attained the highest international standards. In addition, the close and warm relationship with IESE faculty and staff during the PhD period made a big difference in helping me overcome the challenges that, sooner or later, most Doctoral students experience during their studies. The research capabilities I learned at IESE, along with the training I received in the case study method, enabled me to become a very confident researcher and a very versatile lecturer of international post graduate students of very different profiles.”

Adrian Caldart, PhD 2003
Warwick Business School

"Coming from an eight-year international corporate background in executive positions, there were very few places that could help me make the transition to the academic world. Looking back, IESE was obviously the right place for such a challenge. The first thing that comes to my mind to define my experience at IESE is: striving for excellence with a human touch. I appreciated the open door policy of the top-notch faculty who were always on hand to help, not only on purely academic matters but also with more personal issues. IESE facilitated my integration into academia during the program, in particular by encouraging and financing my participation in reputed international conferences such as the Academy of Management. Basically, throughout my time at IESE, I had the opportunity to meet great people and build a Curriculum Vitae that enabled me to get a job in a top ranked-business school. Getting into HEC Montréal was a smooth process as I sensed that I was well-prepared and that IESE was indeed perceived as an excellent background for launching a career at a North American school. And of course, Barcelona is the perfect place to be a PhD candidate."

Serge Poisson, PhD 2005
HEC Montréal

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