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Program Overview

IESE's MBA Summer School is an intensive one-week program offering university students and recent graduates a general overview of the business world and a unique preview of a top-ranked MBA program. Taking place on IESE's Barcelona campus in the month of July, the program combines academic sessions, teamwork, classroom lectures and social activities.

While learning the ideas and concepts in the program's curriculum, the case method, interactive lectures and team-building sessions give participants a taste of the MBA program.

Summer School - IESE Business School

Program Highlights:

Faculty - The MBA Summer School program features the same faculty from IESE's top-ranked MBA program. Holding Ph.D.s from the world's most prestigious universities, IESE professors are multicultural, multilingual and world-renowned for their research on current business issues and the wealth of international business experience they bring to the classroom.

Curriculum – The program touches on many of the subjects studied in the MBA including Operations, Managing People in Organizations, Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems and Entrepreneurship.

The Case Method - The approach presents students with real business scenarios and the types of decisions that managers face on the job. Led by a professor, students discuss and share their perspectives regarding the cases they've read, broadening their understanding of key issues. This intense and challenging method means that students learn to make business decisions and take action by thinking, arguing and defending their interpretations and recommendations against a multitude of equally plausible solutions.

Team-building sessions – These sessions foster networking and teamwork skills, giving them a supportive environment in which they can analyze and discuss what they've learned.

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