Young Talent Program

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Financial Aid

IESE helps their students find different ways to finance the MBA through its Financial Aid Office (FAO). This includes support to YTP students, who will have access to this help one year before starting the MBA, not when applying to the YTP. 

The Global Loan Program

All students who are admitted to our program can finance up to 80% of the tuition expenses with the Global Loan, offered by the Sabadell bank. For YTP Students admitted to the MBA, the application process for the loan starts from June of the year they plan to start the MBA. For further details, download the brochure

IESE scholarships

Several scholarships are available to incoming IESE students. These scholarships are awarded in the Scholarships Committee on a merit base. In order to be eligible for these scholarships YTP students must complete 2 essays anytime between September 2016 and March 2017.


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