Young Talent Program

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Next Steps Seminar

The Next Steps Seminar is a 1-week summer program specially designed for YTP admitted students. The program allows students to experience life at IESE before starting the MBA and network with future classmates. 

Participation in the seminar is optional (though highly recommended) and it doesn't have tuition/registration fees. Each student can participate in 2 editions of the seminar by joining one of the following groups: 

  • Group A: Next Steps Seminar I in July 2014 + Next Steps Seminar II in July 2015
  • Group B: Next Steps Seminar I in July 2015 + Next Steps Seminar II in July 2016 


Mon-Fri from 8:30 to 5 p.m.
  •  team meetings 
  • case study sessions 
  • lunch 
  • interactive lectures 
  • team project sessions

Case Study Method

The case study method presents students with hundreds of real business scenarios and offers them the chance to propose solutions. The approach opens up a forum where students discover new perspectives and broaden their understanding of key issues. This intense and challenging method means that students learn to make business decisions and take action by thinking, arguing and defending their interpretations and recommendations against a multitude of equally plausible solutions. 

Interactive Lectures

Interactive Lectures from the program's expert faculty provides students with a global view of the management profession and an overview of the different functional areas within a company.

Team-building sessions

Team-building sessions foster networking and teamwork skills among students, and give them a supportive environment in which they can analyze and discuss what they've learned.


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