Contabilidad y Control

Contabilidad y Control


SEMINARS 2017-2018

Eric SO (October 2017)

Holger DASKE (November 2017)

Steven MONAHAN (November 2017)

Ulf BRÜGGERMANN (December 2017)

Maximilian MUELLER (March 2018)

Christian LEUS (April 2018)

Yun LOU (June 2018)

SEMINARS 2016-2017

Shivakumar LAKSHMANAN (October 2016)
London Business School
“Do Compensation Disclosures Matter for SoP Voting?”

Irem TUNA (November 2016)
London Business School
“Foreign versus Domestic Corporate Investment Decisions”

Omri EVEN-TOV (March 2017)
Berkeley Haas School of Business
“What Explains Acquisition Premiums and Why do Targets Reject Offers? – Evidence from Failed Acquisition Offers”

Colleen HONIGSBERG (May 2017)
Stanford Law School
“What Happens when Loans Become Legally Void? Evidence from a Natural Experiment”

Stefan REICHELSTEIN (May 2017)
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
“Relating Product Prices to Long-Run Marginal Cost: Evidence from Solar Photovoltaic Modules“

Sugata ROYCHOWDHURY (June 2017)
Carroll School of Management, Boston College
“Does Litigation Encourage or Deter Real Earnings Management?”

SEMINARS 2015-2016  

Reuven LEHAVY (September 2015)
University of Michigan
“Analyst Information Discovery and Interpretation Roles: A Topic Modeling Approach”

Mark WOUTERS (October 2015)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
“Using Customer Value Propositions to Guide Technology Commercialization”

Catherine SCHRAND (October 2015)
University of Pennsylvania
“Do Managers Tacitly Collude to Withhold Industry-Wide Bad News?”

Carlos CORONA (December 2015)
Carnegie Mellon University
“Banks’ Voluntary Adoption of Fair Value Accounting, Procyclical Investment, and Capital Requirement”

Xanthi GKOUGKOUSI (April 2016)
Nova School of Business and Economics
“Information Content of Aggregate Loan Loss Provisions”

Jonas HEESE (May 2016)
Harvard Business School
“Politically Connected Firms and SEC Comment Letters”