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Meet with us

The Global Executive MBA entails a serious commitment from you. We encourage you to meet with us to discuss the potential fit for your career.

There are two ways to meet with us across the globe:

On Campus Events:

You are most welcome to meet with us when we are on residential module. The following is a schedule of opportunities for the next year. To organize a meeting with us please write to Licinia Melilla at

November 6-17, 2017Shanghai
January 22-February 2, 2018 Silicon Valley 
February 12-23, 2018 Barcelona 
March 5-9, 2018 São Paulo 
March 12-16, 2018 New York City 
April 16-27, 2018 Barcelona 
April 16-27, 2018 New York City 
May 7-12, 2018 Munich 
June 18-30, 2018 New York City 
September 3-14, 2018 Barcelona 
September 4-15, 2018 New York City 
November 5-16, 2018 Shanghai 

In your City Events:

We travel to some 50+ cities across the world each year and we would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about whether or not an Executive MBA may fit with your career objectives.

The following is a list of the cities that we will be visiting shortly, so please feel free to write to us, as we would be delighted to meet with you.

If your city is not on this list, please write to Licinia Melilla at so that we may find a way to reach out to you.

Abu Dhabi November 26, 2017 
Dubai November 27, 2017 Premier EMBA Alliance Event 
Prague December 7, 2017 
Budapest December 9, 2017