Healthcare systems around the world are facing increasing challenges. On the one hand, the innovation pipeline is stronger than ever while on the other hand financial constraints and population ageing are increasing the pressure on the systems’ sustainability. These challenges, – financial pressures, aging population and data explosion-, are pressing us to rethink how we provide healthcare.

IESE offers top executives in healthcare firms, healthcare professionals, academics and field experts a distinguished platform to share their experience and insight on the industry’s current situation and its future, and to continue the search for innovative ways to respond to the enormous challenges faced by the healthcare industry.

The school provides a portfolio of Advanced Management, Focused and Custom Programs delivering next-generation insight to clinical and non-clinical leaders. Our Healthcare Industry Meetings bring together leaders from all over the globe in pursuit of answers to the foremost issues facing decision-makers in healthcare organizations today. IESE research centers and chairs, such as the Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management form a framework for driving healthcare innovation and knowledge dissemination across the health industry.


The Healthcare Industry programs bring together industry stakeholders and leaders, offering educational opportunities for the advancement of healthcare management.

Centers & Chairs

Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM)

Improving management knowledge within the health sector, through innovations in service provision and technology, alongside changes in the way care is provided and organized.


Jaime Grego Chair of Healthcare Management

Advancing knowledge in health economics and health policy, with an eye to transforming the healthcare industry by providing new frameworks for innovation and management.


Novartis Chair on Operational Excellence in the Health Sector

Through analysis and research, seeking ways to improve operational excellence in the healthcare industry for companies and providers as well as patients.




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