IESE-IPADE Committee, IESE Barcelona

IESE-IPADE Committee, IESE Barcelona

Associated Business Schools

Working closely with local scholars and business leaders and often in cooperation with other business schools such as Harvard Business School, since 1967, IESE has taken on a key role in the founding or development of associated business schools around the world. While being at the core of this association, IESE has helped these schools grow independently so that they may have a significant positive impact on their local business environments.

Today the network includes 15 associated business schools on four continents.

  • Associaçao de Estudos Superiores de Empresa (AESE), Lisbon, Portugal, 1980
  • Escuela de Negocios (ESE), Universidad de Los Andes, Santiago, Chile, 1999
  • Escuela de Dirección y Negocios (IAE), Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978
  • Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial (IDE), Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1992
  • Instituto de Estudios Empresariales de Montevideo (IEEM), Universidad de Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1986
  • Instituto de Alta Dirección Empresarial (INALDE), Universidad de la Sabana, Bogota, Colombia, 1985
  • Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE), Universidad Pan-Americana, Mexico City, Mexico, 1967
  • Instituto Superior da Empresa (ISE), Brazil, 1996
  • Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan-African University, Lagos, Nigeria, 1991
  • China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, China, 1994 
  • MDE Business School, Institut de Hautes Etudes (IHE- Afrique), Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 2003
  • Escuela de Dirección de la Universidad de Piura (PAD), Peru, 1979
  • Strathmore Business School (SBS), Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya, 2005
  • School of Business Administration, University of Asia and the Pacific, Manila, Philippines, 1995
  • Business School, Universidad del Istmo (UNIS), Guatemala, 1977