Restyling the Coupon

Sergi Quinto (MBA '98) launches bargain "machine"



Concerned about consumers' negative attitudes towards special offer coupons, Sergi Quinto (MBA '98) launched Good Deal, a kiosk that many people have dubbed the "coupon machine."

Quinto, who is profiled in the current issue of IESE's Alumni Magazine, had an idea for completely effective marketing: offer the discounts before people shop and give the customer the chance to choose which products they'd like to be on offer that day.

IESE's seed-capital fund for graduates backed the project. In the interview, Quinto emphasized the part played by Adelaide Cracco, the manager of FINAVES, in designing the business plan.

"Thanks to FINAVES, I reached good agreements with investors," Quinto said. With an investment of €830,000 from FINAVES, IESE business angels and Caixa Capital Risc was able to go into the customer loyalty market offering advantages to distributors, manufacturers and consumers.