Healthcare Challenges in Europe

21/05/2012 Worldwide

This week, IESE Business School is hosting the program, "Challenges in the European Healthcare Market," which takes place May 21-23. The program is aimed at presidents, managing directors, CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry, medical-technology sector and other health-related industries.
The program presents a framework for strategy design and implementation, including the tools to operationalize this in the healthcare sector. Participants learn from marketing strategies in other sectors aimed at developing new products, services, solutions and experiences that truly enhance peoples’ lives. Finally, the programs brings together innovators from different fields and areas to jointly discuss what it takes to access the innovative European health market.
IESE faculty members leading the program include Academic Director Magdalene Rosenmöller; IESE professors Antonio Dávila, Paddy Miller, Jaume Ribera, Erich Joachimsthaler; and Josep María Piqúe, CEO of Hospital Clinic Barcelona.