Building Companies that Generate Trust

Prof. Jordi Canals offers a vision of senior management

18/04/2013 Barcelona

Jordi Canals Alumni Magazine

A reflection upon the need to rebuild the vision of the companies and leadership that directly contribute to the development of a dynamic society.

The financial crisis that began in the summer of 2007 has escalated into a full-blown economic crisis without precedent in recent history, one that challenges the functioning of the economy and the political system in democratic societies.

This crisis has created a severe economic contraction attributable to the failure of governments to regulate the financial system; unsustainable public deficits; business misconduct; and a lack of corporate sensitivity toward unemployment and other social problems. As a result, the role of business and government, and their ability to build a prosperous and fair society, are in question.

In this context, governments appear to have succumbed to the lure of the short term, disregarding the longer-term interests of society. Their manifest failure to solve today’s problems, coupled with systematic neglect of the long term, have fueled a growing distrust among citizens. Many voices call for civil society to play a stronger role; yet in times of crisis few social actors have the capacity to mobilize collective efforts. Despite these difficulties, now more than ever it is vital to rebuild the reputation of companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders, not on the fragile foundation of public relations but through a renewed understanding of the firm’s mission in a dynamic society.

You can read the complete article by Prof. Jordi Canals in the IESE Alumni Magazine, issue no. 129.