European Project for a Longer and Better Life

IESE joins the pioneering Innolife health initiative

12/12/2014 Barcelona

IESE Business School
The Innolife project will focus on healthy lifestyles and improving European healthcare systems / Photo: iStock

Ensuring that we live longer with a better quality of life, have greater autonomy in old age and the creation of sustainable healthcare systems are among the objectives of Innolife, a pan-European project in which IESE is now a key partner.

Europe’s aging population represents a whole range of challenges, from evolving health systems that can cope with the challenges of many more elderly people, to ensuring we can all enjoy old age with dignity.

The Innolife project has been has been selected by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to address these questions. It aims to make European industry more competitive and to improve the quality and sustainability of the healthcare system.

IESE is one of the main business schools acting as a partner and collaborator in the ambitious project, which will be based in Barcelona. In fact, with a budget of 2.1 billion euros, Innolife is one of the biggest publicly-funded healthcare initiatives in the world. The initiative will also have access to European finance for related projects.

A key part of its activities will be to generate new business ideas for health. In 2016, its first year of operation, Innolife is expected to generate 80 new business ideas and 140 by 2018. This new thinking is forecast to create 70 startups a year, which will involve the participation of one million students.

IESE Professor Magda Rosenmöller says of the project, “it’s a unique opportunity for IESE to work with some of the main European players in healthcare and life sciences over the next seven years.”

Pan-European Participation

Another 144 organizations are involved in the project, including leading businesses such as Sanofi, Philips Roche, Bayer and Siemens; universities like Imperial College London, Oxford University and Universitat de Barcelona; and research centers in 14 European countries – all of which are committed to supporting innovative and educational projects in the field of healthcare.

Innolife’s headquarters will be located in the Barcelona Science Park and it will have nodes in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany, among other places – making this a truly pan-European project.