Do You See an MBA in Your Future?

Young Talent Path can guide you to it

07/04/2017 Barcelona

Young Talent Path | Undergraduates | IESE Business School

IESE's Young Talent Path. Experience Life in a Top Business School Do you aspire to make a difference in the world? Do you feel a desire to inspire others and instill positive change, in yourself and the world around you? Where do you see yourself in five years' time? If you have the talent and the ambition to make things happen, the IESE MBA is for you. Your journey towards an exceptional career begins with the Young Talent Path (YTP), a unique gateway path designed to hone your talent and build upon your entrepreneurial mindset. We will be your guide on this path, accompanying you along the way and helping you to flourish, until you are ready to start your MBA journey. You will exchange ideas and concepts with talented, acquire a first-hand perspective of international business methods and have the chance to secure a 20.000 euros scholarship to IESE's MBA program, ranked within the top ten MBA programs in the world, where you will thrive in an atmosphere of collective discovery and discover your true potential.
The Young Talent Path has been designed to scout talent at university level to continue improving the quality of IESE’s MBA students / Photo: Edu Ferrer

Think you might be interested in doing an MBA but not quite ready to take the plunge? About to finish college? In your first year of work after graduation? Interested in spending a life-changing week over the summer on the campus of a great university?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, we have just the program for you.

Our Young Talent Path (YTP) is a dynamic program for high-performing undergraduate students and first-year professionals who are interested in doing an MBA – but need a couple more years before they start. It is the starting point of a life-long relationship with a business school that is globally recognized for its excellence in teaching and its international outlook.

“The YTP opens the door to a unique learning experience and enables an exchange of knowledge and perspectives with peers from all over the world,” said Itziar de Ros, director of MBA Admissions.

Beginning the admissions process is simple: just complete an online application. Selected candidates will then be called in for an interview. The final stage of admissions is attendance at a Boot Camp, which this year will be held July 10-14 in Barcelona. The Boot Camp combines classes in the morning and consulting projects in the afternoon, giving participants a taste of how transformative doing an MBA at IESE really is.

And after the Boot Camp, those selected to form part of the Young Talent Path have a minimum of two and a maximum of four years to begin their actual MBA program. All YTP participants are automatically given a 20,000 euro scholarship toward the MBA.

But even before beginning the MBA, YTP participants become an integral part of the IESE community, receiving career counseling, access to attend the school’s events all over the world, and the option to attend additional Boot Camps, among other benefits. “We want to become the development partner for millennials,” said Luís Jover, associate director of MBA Admissions and area director of YTP.

The benefits are multiple, De Ros noted. “Securing a place and a scholarship in one of the world’s best MBA plus receiving in-depth career counselling are benefits that no one should resist.”