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Support IESE

How Your Contributions Help

With a successful 50 year track record of educating business leaders, IESE is setting its sights on ensuring continued sustainable growth and competitiveness at the international level. IESE is extremely grateful for the assistance it has received to date and believes the best demonstration of this gratitude is the fact that these funds have been invested with care and the results are clear to see. To continue its growth IESE is looking for further assistance and information on past successes and future plans can be found below..

Donations can be earmarked to help IESE maintain and adapt its facilities to the evolving educational needs of its programs and the business community. For example:


The 30,000 square-meter campus features state-of-the-art lecture rooms enhanced with the latest multimedia technologies, a 700-seat auditorium, meeting rooms, student computer rooms and dining and cafeteria areas. The school’s library contains more than 49,000 volumes including specialized books on management, electronic journals, and newspapers.


IESE's 11,000 square-meter campus in Madrid is a striking contemporary building surrounded by gardens. The campus features the latest multimedia learning technologies in the stat-of-the-art lecture rooms, meeting rooms, two dining rooms and a library. Currently, the Madrid campus is being considered for expansion.

New York

The new building in New York spans 25,000 square feet over six floors and holds two classrooms, seven work rooms and offices for 25 faculty, researchers and staff. Construction began in February 2009. Donations can be made for areas of the building and named after the sponsor:

- Classrooms / Foyer (3)
- Board room (1)
- Break out rooms (7)


IESE now has a campus in Munich, Germany. Located near the city center, and close to the headquarters of the Bavarian Parliament, the Munich campus offers state-of-art facilities and is becoming a hub for executive education training. The campus is also a meeting point for IESE alumni where they can maintain their close ties to each other, and to the school.


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