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Why Help IESE in the U.S.?

IESE Business School, the graduate school of management of the University of Navarra based in Barcelona and Madrid, established its New York Center in 2007 to better serve the executive education and research needs of the North American business community, including IESE’s growing base of alumni, students and corporate partners in the United States. IESE has established a center in New York City because it is the world's business capital and also an ideal location for observing and analyzing new business developments.

IESE’s ties to the U.S. go as far back as 1963 when in collaboration with Harvard Business School, it established the 2-year MBA program, the first one in Europe. IESE now ranks as one of the top providers of MBA and non-degree executive education in the world, with significant U.S. participation in its programs. For example, it has designed custom executive programs for such leading U.S. corporations as Abbott Laboratories, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle with a distinct vision of whom a business should be.

Since its origins, IESE Business School has underscored the vital role of entrepreneurship as an engine of positive and sustainable economic growth. IESE was among the first global business schools to establish a Department of Entrepreneurship, a pioneering initiative that today is a beacon of thought leadership and path-breaking research. IESE’s emergence in the U.S. entrepreneurial ecosystem comes at an opportune time, particularly in the New York City area, a market always eager for new ideas and ventures.

Through its diverse resources for entrepreneurs, IESE has helped launch 30 companies, such as Advanced Medical. This healthcare services provider, founded in 1999 in Barcelona, today has a global reach that spans 21 countries including the U.S., where it has operations in Boston, Charlotte and Dallas.

IESE offers numerous resources to support new ventures:

  • FINAVES, a platform that provides IESE students and graduates with critical support and financing of up to €300,000 to help make their venture a reality. 
  • Business Angels and Family Offices Network, a fruitful nexus of 130 entrepreneurs and investors who explore synergies with the aim of creating high-growth businesses. This initiative has played a significant role in helping EIC strengthen its ties with local communities.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week, an annual event that encompasses 80 countries across six continents, including 2,500 global events and 200 events in Spain. IESE has long played an active role in the project, dubbed "a global movement of entrepreneurial people.” 
  • EIC Search Fund, which tracks all search fund activity outside the United States in collaboration with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. 
  • Expert advice from the world-class faculty members, who serve as board members and advisors to venture capital and private equity funds, angel investors, and entrepreneurs. 
  • IESE knowledge base, which includes myriad case studies that recap the experiences and learning curve of real-life start-ups.

Since 2000, IESE has helped to create more than 1,700 jobs at global companies whose combined revenue exceeds $90 million.