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The Bridge

With a foothold in New York, IESE is a bridge to unparalleled resources which not only bring the world to the five boroughs, but also unlock the complexities of the of the global marketplace in ways that few institutions can. A diverse constituency can benefit from a partnership with IESE.

  • Strengthen the positioning of the School and increase its visibility. We encourage alumni in the US to spread the word about IESE, and thereby help the school maintain its position among the top business schools of the world. In this way, the value of our programs will be more widely appreciated and respected. 
  • Give Back to IESE. By contributing to the annual giving, alumni will have the chance to give back to IESE Business School and leave their mark on the institution. 
  • Increase Your Own Value. As an IESE graduate, your résumé is linked with the school’s reputation. As IESE’s visibility and prestige grow, your professional opportunities will also increase. 
  • Improve Networking. The New York Center will offer a host of opportunities for networking with alumni in the area. IESE, now closer to alumni in the U.S. will expand the services offered by the Alumni Association in the U.S., particularly via the Continuing Education program.