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IESE’s Foundational Pillars

IESE believes that executives and companies have to generate economic, human, and social value. In this regard, how goals are achieved is just as important as what goals are achieved. The school's unique culture is supported by outstanding professors who are dedicated to the school’s mission, and who provide a transformational experience for students in the classroom. As in the videos above, both alumni and business leaders can attest to the powerful effect IESE has had on them, personally and professionally, and the powerful effect they in turn have on others.

Why IESE in New York?

  • Truly Global
    IESE’s activities span the globe. The school’s international character stems from its multicultural faculty diversity of participants (more than 80 nationalities), 17 associated business schools in emerging markets, alumni in more than 100 countries and partnerships with more than 135 companies, many of them titans in the global marketplace.
  • Rigor and Relevance
    IESE places a priority on addressing relevant global business problems, both in the classroom and in its research activities. The school’s professors, who comprise more than 25 nationalities, frequently serve on the boards of firms and lead their own consultancies. They are supported by 14 research centers and 16 chairs, most named by entrepreneurial companies, individuals, or organizations.
  • Leaders You Can Trust
    It is the school’s view that business leaders have the responsibility to influence companies and society positively, shaping the world for future generations. In this regard, the school places an emphasis on respect for others, professionalism, integrity, teamwork and humility. Reinforcing this approach is the fact that several of IESE’s research centers and endowed chairs focus on the ethical and social aspects of business.
  • Strong Relationships
    The school’s programs are transformational for business leaders, providing them with solid management skills, strong analytical capabilities and a global perspective. Graduates of IESE programs become part of a network of 44,000 professionals around the globe. These alumni reflect the school’s entrepreneurial spirit. Approximately one third of the graduates of the MBA program are owners or partners of companies that they founded.
  • A Focus on You
    A spirit of professionalism and service to society underpins all IESE programs. The School takes a people-centered approach toward general management education, in which individuals are the focus of business decisions. Using the Case Study Method, IESE professors teach that business leaders hold the potential to have an enduring and positive impact on society. Students learn how to analyze real business problems and develop leadership skills, training them to take a long-term view of an organization and its well-being in order to make better decisions.