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Planned Giving Options

There are multiple planned giving options to make toward IESE, which can be tailored to your particular needs. The list below is provided only as a guide.

Always check with your financial advisor as gift options, as well as the federal and state laws governing them, are subject to change.

The benefits of planned giving are:

Getting tax deductions
Avoiding capital gains
Maximizing charitable contributions
Getting income for yourself and/or your loved ones.
Passing assets to family at a reduced tax cost
Excellent way of managing your assets, now and after your lifetime.

Bequest: You can make a provision in your will or trust fund for IESE, set to your specifications.

Charitable Gift Annuity: In exchange for your gift, you or 1-2 other annuitants receive a fixed sum each year for life. It is also possible to defer your gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Your trust pays a fixed dollar amount each year to you or others you name for life or a term of years. The remaining assets then go to IESE.

Charitable Lead Trust: Your trust pays a fixed dollar amount each year to IESE for a term of years or one or more lifetimes. The accumulated assets then go back to you or others you name.

Pooled Income Fund: Your gift is pooled in a fund with gifts from other donors. You or others you name receive your gift's share of the income the fund earns each year for life. Your gift's share of the fund then goes to IESE.

Retained Life Estates: In retained life estate gift, you transfer your residence to IESE and continue to live there for the rest of your life.

Donor Advised Fund: DAF offers a streamlined management of your charitable contribution. You can set up one gift account that makes systematic charitable distributions to IESE as well as other charities.

If you wish to make a gift, please DONATE HERE