Healthcare Initiative

IESE Healthcare Initiative


IESE Healthcare Initiative – Advancing Healthcare Management

Healthcare systems, organizations and companies have a profound effect on the wellbeing of individuals and societies alike. The IESE Healthcare Initiative (IHI) seeks to have a transformational impact on the healthcare industry through the education of leaders, the development of applied research and by creating a forum for industry stakeholders and the IESE community.

A hallmark of IHI is its focus on actionable learning. IHI aims to advance evidence-based healthcare management science and practice across all segments of the global health sector. Key focus areas of the IHI are:

- Management of health systems and delivery organizations
- Health economics and policy
- Management of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

IESE’s Healthcare Initiative programs bring together industry stakeholders and leaders, offering educational opportunities for the advancement of healthcare management.

Moreover, IESE’s faculty is researching some of the most pressing issues in the healthcare industry.


Healthcare Initiative
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