Public Management Initiative

Public Sector initiative


CPLG offers the chance of participating in relevant events that take place during the year at IESE Business School.

Public Management Leadership Forum

IESE has a long tradition of training public executives. Among all of its initiatives, one that certainly stands out is the creation of the Public Management Leadership Forum in 2004, which marked a turning point.

From the moment it was created, the Forum allowed IESE to establish a smooth relationship with the Harvard Kennedy School, which has given rise to the Academic Advisory Board and the Driving Government Performance Program, which addresses leadership strategies to evaluate and improve public policy.

Public Management Leadership Program (PMLP)

Thanks to the support of the Fundación Rafael del Pino, nearly 500 students have participated in the first six cycles of the Public Management Leadership Program (PMLP). All of the participants in the PMLP have prepared case studies relating to their area of public service, resulting in a library of 500 public administration cases.

The quality of the program is vouched for by the trust placed in us by top agencies and administrations, such as the World Bank, the Spanish Prime Minister's Office, the Bank of Spain, the Spanish Port Authority, the Community of Madrid and the Government of Catalonia, who send their top executives to IESE for training.

In order to promote dialogue and the exchange of ideas, the Public- Private Sector Research Center (PPRSC) organizes and sponsors a number of seminars and conferences throughout the year to analyze and discuss the many different research areas of the center.


Public Management Initiative

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