Sports Industry Initiative

Sports Industry Initiative

Events and Activities

CSBM organizes an International Industry Meeting in which renowned experts on sport business management participate. Offered annually, the meeting spotlights the sector's latest challenges and opportunities, while bringing together the perspectives of national and international experts, academics, and government leaders.

Moreover, the center regularly holds Continuing Education sessions, which are learning opportunities for graduates of IESE Business School focusing on topics of high interest. On the other hand, the Center's researchers actively participate in international congresses and conferences.

VI International CSBM Forum: "Champions League is a successful model that is generating and distributing economic resources"
Madrid, May 18, 2010 Prof. Sandalio Gómez said that in the VI International CSBM Forum. 

Yonsei University Congress:"The Impact of Sport Marketing/Sponsorship on Corporate and nation Brand Building"
October, 2009. Corea, Japan

17th EASM Congress (European Association of Sport Management)
September 16-19, 2009. Amsterdam, Holland. 

IV Gijón Economics of Sports Congress:"Social Responsibility and sustainability in sports"
May 8-9, 2009. Gijón, Spain. 

La Ley del Concursal y las Sociedades Anónimas Deportivas. (Fundación Observatorio Economía del Deporte)
March 24, 2009. Gijón, Spain. 

V International CSBM Forum:"Hosting Major Sport Events: Key to Economic Development of the City". March 2-3, 2009.
Valencia, Spain. 

4th Annual Meeting of Sports Organizations:"The internationalization of the country brand through sport"
May 13, 2008. IESE - Madrid, Spain

Adecco - LEB FORUM - Federación Española de Baloncesto, Seminar designed by CSBM
"LEB ORO" (January 2008)
"LEB PLATA" (February 2008)
"LEB BRONCE" (February 2008)

3rd Annual Meeting of Sports Organizations
May 9, 2007. IESE -Madrid, Spain 

13th Annual SMAANZ Conference (Sport Management Association Of Australia & New Zealand)
November 2007. Auckland, New Zealand 

15th EASM Congress (European Association of Sport Management)
September 12-15, 2007. Turin, Italy 

2nd Congress of Economics of Sport: League Governance (Universidad de Oviedo)
May 3-5, 2007. Gijón, Spain 

2nd Sport Culture Barcelona Seminar: "Innovation in cultural and sports sponsoring"
October 22, 2006. IESE - Barcelona, Spain 

14th EASM Congress 2006 (European Association of Sport Management)
6-9 September, 2006. Nicosia, Cyprus 

2006 NASSM Conference (North American Society for Sport Management)
May 30 - June 3, 2006. Kansas City, United States 

2nd Annual Meeting: "Conceptual Plan for the Improvement of Sport Management"
May 23, 2006. IESE-Madrid, Spain

1st Congress of Economics of Sport: Rottenberg Golden Anniversary (Universidad de Oviedo)
April 28-29, 2006. Gijón, Spain 

1st Congress of Sport and Society "The Company and the Values of Ethics in Sport"
March 23-24, 2006. Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

2005 SMAANZ Conference (Sport Management Association Of Australia & New Zealand)
Conference Theme: Sports Development
November 25-26, 2005. Canberra, Australia 

EASM Annual Congress 2005 (European Association of Sport Management)
September 2005. Newcastle-Gateshead, United Kingdom 

20th Annual Conference of the NASSM 2005 (North American Society for Sport Management)"Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future"
June 1-4, 2005. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 

1st Annual Meeting: "Sport Management in the XXI Century: Challenges and Opportunities"
April 19-20, 2005. IESE-Madrid, Spain

European Sport Management Congress organized by EASM: "Innovation in co-operation"
September 22-25, 2004

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