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A list of the entities and companies that collaborate with IESE by providing useful resources in this area.
  • Barcelona Activa 
    This agency has supported entrepreneurs throughout all phases of their careers for the last 25 years. It provides services and training at each stage of the entrepreneurial process. IESE Business School and Barcelona Activa offer specific training programs for entrepreneurs that allow them to enhance their knowledge and skills before launching their idea.
  • Bankinter Foundation entrepreneurs
    The Bankinter Innovation Foundation entrepreneurs' platform,
    which serves as a connection between entrepreneurs and investors, was launched in April 2013. More than 200 programs have already been analyzed. In doing so, it aims to support innovative projects, based on emerging technologies, in the early stages of their development. Monitor Deloitte, with support from the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, IESE Business School and ENISA, has developed an international survey on high-impact entrepreneurship in Spain. The aim of the survey is to research the current status of the Spanish entrepreneurial environment and its needs by taking into account the views of high-impact entrepreneurs and comparing them with those of professionals from other countries.
  • Madrid Emprende 
    In 2005, Madrid City Council created the Madrid Emprende Economic Development Agency in order to promote the competitiveness of the business fabric. Its activities include disseminating entrepreneurial culture, promoting knowledge and basic tools for implementing business projects, providing advice on paperwork, offering guidance and information so that entrepreneurs have better legal, fiscal and financial knowledge in order to launch their project. IESE Business School collaborates at an early stage with this municipal agency by providing use of its classrooms and putting young entrepreneurs in contact with its Business Angels.