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    The IESE Library Service gives you access to more than 456 publications on entrepreneurship.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS. LinkedIn group of IESE Alumni Entrepreneurs
    The IESE Entrepreneurs & Venture Capital Hub will keep you in contact with other entrepreneurs so you can exchange opinions and thoughts on your professional interests.

    IESE's blog community includes a specific website whose main mission is to disseminate the knowledge developed by IESE on the topic of entrepreneurship among alumni and other cyber readers. The Entrepreneurship blog will provide a platform so that professors in the Entrepreneurship Department can share experiences, opinions, cases and anecdotes that contribute value to readers on one of the key parts of IESE's history and the content of its programs.

    The aim of this blog is to offer thoughts, opinions and research by the IESE community on the world of social companies and social entrepreneurship.

    In 2011, IESE Business School agreed with the Stanford Graduate School of Business to identify and track international search funds. IESE Search Fund Center is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world who are engaged in this form of entrepreneurship.

    Succeed is a professional-improvement platform for members of the Alumni Association. You will find exercises and documents to help you acquire new skills.

  • Career Opportunities
    Remember that if your project calls for IESE talent, you can search for it on the platform Career Opportunities.

  • PADE Invest
    PADE Invest is a group of alumni of the PADE program in Madrid who have joined together to analyze and invest in entrepreneurial projects.

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