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In 2005, the International Center for Work and Family founded an academic forum –the International Conference of Work and Family- to create a vision and to build theory, with special attention to the cross-cultural dimension and the application of theory in an organizational context. 

The fourth bi-annual International Conference on Work and Family, aims to focus on innovations in work and family research and practice, with special attention to disregarded themes such as fatherhood and diverse methodological approaches to study work and family.

The Conference will also cover a wide range of topics that address current problems in the field. For example, how do individuals, couples, and organizations innovatively cope with increasing personal and socio-economic pressures? Can individuals and couples enrich their work and family lives when their personal and professional responsibilities increase and vital resources come under threat? How do organizations enhance the positive interaction among their employees to unlock their full potential and increase organizational performance? What are the implications of fatherhood and gender in the current economy? How do global corporations manage work-and family relationships across borders? What are the impacts of changes in the global economy and national economies on work-family agendas at national, organizational and individual/family levels?

Organized by ICWF_Logo
Dates and Location July 4-6, 2011
IESE Business School
North Campus - Room Q-301
C/ Arnús i Garí, 3-7
08034 Barcelona (Spain)
Conference Officers

Mireia Las Heras
IESE Professor

Nuria Chinchilla
IESE Professor

Deadlines Short paper submission: March 15, 2011
Acceptance notification: April 15, 2011
Full paper submission: June 15, 2011
Online registration: June 30, 2011
Conference Fees

Early Bird Fee (before May 15)
Academic: € 450
PhD Students: € 250

Late Fee (as of May 15)
Academic: € 550
PhD: € 450

On-site Registration
Academic: € 700
PhD: € 700

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