17th Fashion and Luxury Goods Industry Meeting

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Back to Talent: The Path Forward for Fashion and Luxury Goods

People and talent are the heart and soul of the fashion and luxury goods industry. Designers drive aesthetic innovation; craftsmanship and engineering translate ideas into things of beauty; managers help make beautiful products into market successes; talented salespeople make this happen day after day in store; and technologists are increasingly crucial as digital platforms enable connectivity across the whole chain.

The industry is facing rising uncertainty on all sides (the political climate, shifting consumer attitudes to luxury goods, increasing competition from other sectors, etc.) and the 2017 IESE Industry Meeting will offer an opportunity to reflect on how human talent and creativity can provide the solution to these tough challenges.

With the expert contribution of

Supporting Company

La Vanguardia


IESE Industry Meetings
M. Helena Andreu

Date and Venue

May 11, 2017

IESE Barcelona
North Campus
C/Arnús i Garí, 3-7
08034 Barcelona

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The conference language is English. Simultaneous interpreting will be provided into Spanish.