6th Driving Government Performance

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6th Driving Government
Performance. Leadership
Strategies that produce Results

June 2–5, 2014


  • What strategies lead to improved public-policy performance?
  • What is the best way to boost organizational efficiency?
  • How can you motivate and lead your teams to obtain measurable results?
  • How can the efficiency of a public organization be enhanced?

This executive program, which is organized by IESE Business School in association with Harvard Kennedy School, examines the challenges of political leadership – how public executives can establish goals, revitalize bureaucracies, motivate people, create organizational capabilities, communicate ideas, measure results, and demonstrate that enhanced performance is a result of the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities.


• Provide the tools for producing results, defining strategies and racheting up performance, motivating and leading public employees.

• Developing the ability of articulating an organizational mission, establishing objectives, measuring results and rewarding performance.

Working through other agencies and private organizations and non-profits, revitalizing a bureaucracy and improving citizen support.

• Based on real cases, learn to improve the decision-making framework for public administration agencies.


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