8th Program for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Social Programs

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8th Program for the Evaluation of
Public Policies and Social Programs

June, 2017


  • Is it possible to achieve greater efficiency in the development of public policy?
  • How to achieve greater transparency in society?
  • How to assess the impact of a social program?
  • Which policies should be promoted or eliminated?

In times of crisis when resources are limited, public revenues shrink and social demand increases, public funds must be managed more efficiently. At such times, evaluation is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to determine which programs are working well, analyze aspects of a program that can be improved and identify other programs that fail to meet the established objectives.

Consistent with an international trend, the Spanish government in recent years has become increasingly interested in methods for evaluating public policies and programs in order to optimize their efforts.

This program focuses on the evaluation aspect, by applying the latest research methods, to measure the impact of programs or policies with a specific focus on the decision-making process of public administrators.

Drawing on the experiences of Dan Levy, professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, one of the top-ranked schools in its category worldwide, the program will examine the decisive influence of these instruments on the improvement of public administrations and social organizations.


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