Executive Education Certificate – Focused Programs

IESE Business School offers you the opportunity to engage in a personalized development plan that will help you achieve your professional goals in a practical and flexible way. This plan is designed to meet your individual needs and is carried out with the guidance of an IESE Program Advisor. Once completed, you will receive the IESE Executive Education Certificate.

The IESE Executive Education Certificate is based around our Focused Programs (SFP). These programs will enable you to develop a valuable set of competencies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on you and your organization. The programs are designed to address today's most relevant business issues in a very attractive program format, short and intense, which fits conveniently into executives' agendas.

You can choose from our portfolio of Focused Programs offered in Barcelona, New York and Madrid (35 in Spanish and 18 in English), which cover the following areas: Strategic Management, Leadership and People Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Industry-Specific.

Executive Education Certificate


The IESE Executive Education Certificate (EEC) is awarded to participants who fulfill all of the following:

  • Successfully complete at least 4 IESE Focused Programs (in English or Spanish).
  • These programs should amount to a minimum of 13 days in total.
  • These programs should be carried out within a 3-year time frame.
  • The complete list of eligible programs can be found in the SFP Global Calendar.

Note: Please note that successfully completed Focused Programs during or after the academic year 2009-2010 are eligible for Executive Education Certificate (EEC). All General Management Programs are excluded and do not count towards the EEC.