Create Effective Virtual Teams

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Create Effective Virtual Teams

Barcelona, March 12-13, 2013


Analyze the key challenges and unique opportunities inherent to designing and managing geographically dispersed teams.

Key Benefits

  •  Identify and develop the leadership skills specific to virtual teams and implement techniques that foster a climate of trust

  • Leverage the unique opportunities present in teams that are geographically dispersed and rich in cross-cultural diversity 

  •  Identify cutting-edge IT resources that support seamless communication and collaboration in virtual teams

Why IESE Recommends This Program

The prevalence of virtual teams has been one of the most relevant organizational trends in recent years. Enhanced communication and information technologies have allowed companies to reach new international markets and tap into previously inaccessible talent pools in search of streamlined production processes and lower development costs. However, managing a virtual team still presents technical and social challenges that do not arise in traditional work settings.

The program provides strategies to maximize a virtual team’s effectiveness by maintaining transparency in the communication process and minimizing the conflicts that frequently arise when integrating diverse geographical, organizational and social contexts.

Participants leave the program equipped with enriched decision-making capabilities and the ability to harness new ideas that will ultimately boost the organization’s competitiveness.

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