Business Transformation in the Digital Age

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Business Transformation

in the Digital Age

Barcelona, March 5-7, 2013


Gain a full, multidisciplinary understanding of how the digital age is transforming today’s corporations and improve your decision-making skills by seeing how becoming digitally fluent can help you transform your company and fulfill its strategic goals.

Key Benefits

 • Analyze the current digital trends to get a strategic understanding of how to lead and manage in the digital age.

• Understand how digital tools affect a company's relationship with its customers and how they transform the way companies are managed.

• Learn how to implement digital thinking into your everyday management and develop a clear definition of the intersection between digital and business.


Why IESE Recommends This Program

Being digital is no longer a competitive advantage, it is now the norm. The digital skills gap in top management is having a profound effect on business performance. Managers who bridge that gap successfully place their companies in better stead for the future. They must have a full understanding and command of new technologies and their applications and implications for the business. Companies need this new wave of managers who possess a strategic understanding of how to lead and manage in the digital age. With this knowledge, managers will be able to provide strategic direction and guide the company through the necessary changes that consumers, employees and industries as a whole require.

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