Driving Change Successfully

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Driving Change Successfully

Barcelona, March 24-27, 2014

Program Structure

The program is based around a change simulation where participants live through a 3-day life-like company turnaround, experiencing the ups and downs of such a challenge.

Key Features of the Change Simulation

The program is based on individual and team decisions that result in strategic and organizational consequences. “For every decision there is a consequence, where the consequence will either be positive or negative.

Participants will learn how to navigate through the strategic and operational complexities that arise from embarking on a company-wide transformation. Project management, stakeholder management, emotional intelligence, decision-making, strategic and tactical awareness are key elements that will need to be harnessed through effective high performance teamwork.

Key learning objectives will be reinforced through small team based lectures, feedback meetings, intensive interaction with faculty members and daily team coaching sessions to create a rich and engaging learning experience.


The program is a high-energy, very intensive, hands-on simulation developed to immerse participants through a professional and personal change journey, employing an integrated and interactive approach of lectures, team discussions, end-to-end role-plays, coaching and reflection sessions.

Participants will be placed in teams and provided with an office, a laptop, stationary, a case study and relevant back-up documentation.

Additionally, each team will be assigned with a personal assistant to help in arranging meetings, workshops etc.

The goal of the team will be to develop a strategic change program that ensures the successful turnaround of an ailing company.

Additionally, participants maintain a learning log throughout the program allowing them to reflect, explore and share team and personal improvement opportunities.



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