Make Innovation Happen

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Make Innovation Happen

Barcelona, April 8-10, 2014


Day 1  

  • The Roles of the Innovation Architect
  • Theory Update: Crowdsourcing and Open Architecture
  • Developing an Innovation Strategy 
  • Innovation Audit: Mapping the Ecosystem 
  • Insights Workshop: Reframing the Problem 

Day 2 

  • Creative Cultures: Building the Innovation Ecosystem 
  • Better Than Buy-in: Creating Deep Ownership in Stakeholders 
  • Beyond Brainstorming: Structuring Sustainable Innovation 
  • The Tools of Innovation: From Insight to Income 
  • Making It Happen: Leading Innovation in Practice 

Day 3 

  • Stealthstorming: Operating under the radar 
  • The Monday Morning Problem 
  • Formulating the Plan of Action 

(Content may vary slightly according to program objectives.)



The program utilizes recent case studies of actual companies that show how to spearhead innovation and build a creative culture. During the process, participants will be challenged to develop innovation strategies and a clear plan of action for their own businesses.

The program first presents a framework for self assessment that includes an innovation audit and an outline of the fundamental concepts for nurturing a creative culture. Through workshops, participants will then apply these concepts to their businesses in order to craft their own innovation strategies.


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