Managing Corporate Growth: Alliances & Acquisitions

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Managing Corporate Growth:
Alliances & Acquisitions

Barcelona, May 3- 6, 2016

Program Structure

Strategic and management aspects:

  • When to ally and when to acquire
  •  M&A integration
  • Managing alliance

Human & Cultural aspects:

  • Cultural due diligence
  • Developing culture bridging competencies
  • Creating a people management system for post-merger integration

Learning how to overcome legal issues in your Strategic Alliance or Acquisition:

  • Understanding the Legal Aspects that could affect your Strategic Alliance or Acquisition
  • How to avoid legal pitfalls
  • Deeping on legal features of International Alliances: Joint Ventures, Franchising, Licensing, R&D, Marketing, Distribution (Definition, Types of agreement, advantages and disadvantages, legal application, Legal Structure, Due diligence, Confidentiality agreements, Drafting the Agreements, Key problem clauses, Exit strategies and dispute resolution, Case studies.)


  • Case discussion
  • Colloquia
  • Role play
  • Business simulation (M&A integration)


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