CaixaBank Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

la Caixa Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance


The Chair does research aimed in particular at the business world to generate and disseminate innovative ideas and concepts in the area of social responsibility. It is therefore a priority to publish informative material such as articles on social responsibility, note series with a practical approach on specific topics, and a newsletter that provides solid information and resources on corporate social responsibility.

The Chair's research projects focus on four main areas:

  • The role of the company in society. Knowing how companies understand their role in society; what factors facilitate this understanding; how they identify their responsibilities; and the tools they use to understand social, economic and political change.
  • Including social responsibility in company management. This project aims to define the importance of stakeholders' interests in company management; how dialogue with these stakeholders is established and the role business and industry organizations should get involved in this dialogue.
  • Raising awareness about social responsibility through the company. Becoming familiar with the means available to companies to raise awareness about social responsibility between the people who form part of the structure, their customers and suppliers. It is also of interest to determine if it is possible to identify the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of corporate social responsibility; how it can be encouraged by the company; how to get company personnel to distinguish between social action and social responsibility; and how social responsibility can form part of the organization's strategy.
  • Social responsibility in Spanish companies. Another research area is determining the situation of CSR in Spanish companies. Is there a Spanish (or European) version of social responsibility? How can small and medium-sized companies take advantage of the experience and means of large companies? What problems arise from relations between headquarters and Spanish subsidiaries in multinational companies? How do Spanish companies relate their social responsibility to the creation of a solid reputation? How does the concept of social responsibility differ from one industry to the next? These are some of the questions to be answered.