Carmina Roca and Rafael Pich-Aguilera Women and Leadership Chair

Campus Barcelona- MI_MEI1_IESE_077260


For companies:

  • Enhanced development of female talent.

  • To give visibility to the feminine talent hidden on diverse levels of the organizational structure.
  • Foster the diversity and complementarity of female management talent in decision making.
  • Improve the fit and advancement of female talent in business structures.
  • More humane companies.
  • More attractive companies.
  • More efficient companies.

For women executives:

  • Help with professional and personal growth.
  • Make her more aware of what she brings to the company and her potential.
  • Provide her with references that facilitate her work both inside and outside the company.
  • Support women with managerial potential so that they do not necessarily have to leave the professional environment to be a mother.
  • Influence women executives so that their dedication to the company does not lead to failure in their personal and family lives.

In society:

  • To foster a more flexible and humane society in terms of schedules, structures and policies, so as to facilitate the balance of citizens’ work, family and personal lives.
  • To help male managers understand their complementary role to that of executive women and the positive impact they both have on the company and society.