Chair of Family-Owned Business

Chair of Family Owned-Business


The relationship between the company and the family deserves in-depth study. A great deal of analysis has been done on family-owned businesses with the ultimate aim of understanding how they work and focusing on their specific problems. The Chair has identified key areas for research such as the importance of the family unit in the continuity of the company, critical factors in the case of multi-generation family-owned companies and corporate social responsibility in family firms.

Chair professors and collaborators have accepted these research objectives, but have added their own concerns and interests. They make all their knowledge available to these entrepreneurial families.

The main areas of research are:

  • Governance in family-owned firms
  • Succession in family-owned firms
  • Interpersonal relations in family-owned firms
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Sustaining entrepreneurial initiative in family-owned firms
  • Launching and financing new businesses
  • Growth management


IESE's Chair of Family-Owned Business publishes a monthly newsletter on Chair activities, the results of the most recent research and publications.
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Newsletter 81 - July 2012
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Newsletter 80- June 2012
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Newsletter 79- May 2012
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Newsletter 78- April 2012
Neither stransted nor unconcerned: the importance to balance cohesion and autonomy in family business (In Spanish)
Newsletter 77- March 2012
Balance between the authority and intergenerational care: the key to succeed (In Spanish)
Newsletter 76 - February 2012
Adaptability and open communication: body and soul of successful and healthy family firms (In Spanish)
Newsletter 75 - January 2012
Healthy family climate, successful family business (In Spanish)


Family-Owned Business Chair
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